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market is much bigger than people realize. they employ 40 million people in the united states. they make up 1/3 of the private sector gdp. if you just look at these companies, they are the equivalent on their own of the entire economies of both russia and india, so this is a huge burgeoning market. if you've been looking at the downturn, 2007 to 2010, it was a really difficult time for small companies. large companies were laying off people and actually shrunk jobs by about 3.7 million jobs over that time period. but during that very same time period, mid size companies were growing. they added 2.2 million jobs. just over the last 12 months, they were adding jobs at a rate of about 2.2%. but some concerning things in the survey that is just out, from the national middle market summit here. they talk to a lot of these different companies. by the way, this is a huge report, and it takes a look at some of the concerns that are out there. at this point, they say they still have some confidence concerns. confidence remains muted. a real huge issue are challenges that they foresee. they are mo
, the "new york times" reported on the united states and iran have agreed in principal to hold one-on-one negotiations on iran's nuclear program. but the white house quickly denied that any talks had been set. this report of course came just days before tonight's foreign policy debate with president obama and mitt romney. >> great editorial piece in the journal about how that came about. some senior official obviously said that a tempting october surprise. talks about not just in that instance, a movie about how to-to-cheat on your wife where you're this bed with a woman, your wife comes in, you just keep denying as the woman gets dressed, you get dressed, your wife keeps say whog is this woman, what are you doing, what woman? until she finally leaves and then five minutes later the wife just gives up and says what do you want for dinner tonight. but that's typical of what we've heard for the last 3 1/2 years. >> tonight is the big debate. it will be focused on foreign affairs. and they've already put out a list of the topics he wants to get to. so i don't know what new will happen
vehicles in the united states, japan, europe, and elsewhere because of faulty power window switches. the recall affects over a dozen models that were produced from 2005 to 2010. the power window switch on the driver side didn't have grease applied evenly during production. and sometimes can cause smoke. no injuries, no crashes have been reported as a result, but models in north america that have been recalled include the carola, and scion models xb and xd. >>> it's time for a check on the markets overseas, and ross westgate, an encore performance from london is joining us. good to see you twice in one morning. >> you lucky, lucky people. not quite at the session lows right now. advances being outpaced. by around about 7-2, we have losses yesterday between .75%. not quite at those levels today as we wait for the u.s. open a little bit later. nevertheless, we are down as we move on. up .4%, the epex around 2/3. whether or not they can announce a deal between this big mega defense airline merger. since then, the stock has been down, it's slightly higher today. the betting is that they
if you care about your indiatakellectu property and the national security of the united states of america. >> that report was something. the full report set to to be released at 10:00 a.m. eastern today. the move comes as they're considering a public offering. and joe has more headlines. >> the leaves are changing color. east coast starting to feel the chill of autumn. that could only mean earnings season are upon us. i'm not sure why my headlines aren't exciting enough or ominous enough for the new music, but apparently they're not even though earnings are not expected to be that great. so you would think maybe i would have some music with my read here. there it goes. >> i'm even getting sick of it at that point, sorry. >> it's not going to be a good earnings season and i don't get the music. alcoa will report -- these earnings are up in the air. alcoa earnings coming after the close tomorrow. predicting s&p 500 results will cr drop 2.6%. that would snap 11 straight quarters of gain, hence the worry, the tension, the anxiety of the companies that have issued guidance 78 have warned. but
that accept credit cards in the united states, but there's 27 million small businesses in the united states that don't accept credit cards. the reason is they could not get in to process credit cards, they could not get into the payment rails because it's too expensive or complicated. anyone can get into it, a dog walker, a babysitter or a personal trainer. >> here we see a different model of job creation. twitter itself is not employing too many people, around 1,000. facebook is only employing globally a few thousand people and yet they're powerful platforms for job creation and they're saying facebook helped create over 230,000 jobs, i don't know if, jack, there are any reports on how many jobs twitter has helped create, just through the power of social media, and the power of small business to communicate with their customers. do you have any numbers? >> i don't have any direct numbers but anecdotally i know that both companies, twitter and square are directly responsible for creating jobs and creating more commerce. square specifically is something that people are leaving their current
than the united states. 75% of all power is commanded by heavy industrials, as opposed to here in the united states for example where it's only 30%. in china it's unique in china compared to anywhere else in the world and historically when you looked at power growth it was growing faster than gdp so if power growth was slowing you were worried about overall gdp. now what we've got on the screen is showing you, if you look at growth by sector the growth has fallen off in the major industrial sector, right, went from 12% a year ago to growth of only 3% year-to-date so far when you look at the left-hand side of the screen but in services, has it fallen off the growth, yes. residential, it's actually climbed, so they say you shouldn't necessarily be worried about the decline in growth of industrial power demand because it's being more and more offset by what is a change in the chinese economy but we frequently hear jim chanos talking about this, the ceo of international paper when he was on, when we look at electricity demand we think china is growing at 2%. the question is whether
different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter. >>> he's a good debater. i'm just okay. but what i'm most concerned about is having a serious discussion. about what we needed it to do to keep the country growing. >> pam will be formidable. it will be a good debate, but i certainly do not underestimate what barack obama brings to it. >> that was the president and the man who is playing him during mitt romney's debate prep by talking expectations for the first debate. of course it's just two days away. joining us with a review, terry nelson, gop strategist, and democratic strategist morris reed. let's start with you this morning, terry. there is a sense the "washington post" has a piece out this morning that romney needs to be the instigator, he needs to be the aggressor. is that right and can he do it? >> i don't know if he needs to be the instigator. the
gallaxy it tablet in te united states. a court is removing a temporary sales ban on the twice. and samsung has filed a motion against apple saying that iphone 5 infringed on some of its patents. >> tit for tat. >> exactly. and boeing -- some words are for cable. i'd say probably -- >> tit for tat, there's nothing wrong with that. >> if you comfortable saying that. >> i am. >> you know how they cut everything romney says, they cut out all the stuff on both sides of it? all we'll have for you is saying it tit, tit. remember faber, remember what he said? >> yes. the work on his finger. and you let him -- >> no, he stopped right after -- >> he stopped right after you said you what? >> yeah, anyway, boeing engineers and technical workers -- >> who did we have on last week who had a fluffer? >> a fluff off line of clothes. >> right, lululemon. >> is it not lululemon? >> in france it is. >> yeah, it is. what's happening here? the workers are voting to reject the pay offer from boeing. talks are set to resume today. a separate vote is required to authorize a strike so it doesn't necessarily mean i
and toyotas. those are factories here in the united states with great american jobs. so let's not forget that. and yeah, the auto industry is absolutely a bright spot in the u.s. economy. a selling rate of almost 15 million units on an annualized basis for the month of september. which puts us in good shape for our forecast, the full year of around mid '14, with the only wild card with the fourth quarter, what's going to happen with the election and the fiscal cliff. i would also point out in addition to the japanese, we see recovery in our housing states led by california up around 44%, and of course, the great state of texas is just continuing to be very strong, up 25%. >> i guess we're going to keep it somewhat short. we have a debate coming up here about the debate tonight. i am told -- were you in the audience? were you one of the 53 percenters feeling good about yourself when the 47% was brought snup we brought up? were you there for that? >> live. you were there live? >> absolutely. i was there live in person. i have to say, romney was answering a question in the context of -- >> don't
. what we really need to do is fix the economy of the united states on a sustainable basis so there's some predictability so people don't stand on the sidelines and so they go and invest and so jobs get created. >> you know, blankfein also added that he thinks if there is a credible solution that comes out of washington, that you will see a huge pop in the markets, that they would take this as a sign of success. >> maybe more than a pop, maybe actually we'll get back into a steady rise. >> get rid of the uncertainty, understand what's coming for years down the road, have a real game plan, a real road map for what's happening. what surprised me more than anything was erskine bowles, liesman asked him, what are the odds you think about us going off the fiscal cliff and personally, i've thought there's got to be some way they reach a solution. lot of people in the market probably thought this way. he says 30 to 35% chance that there's not a solution and that there's not a solution immediately afterwards. he kind of split it down to a third, that there's a solution before, a third there
. we only have one chief executive officer in the united states, that's the president of the united states. the president has the ability to command time from all the networks and all the other outlets on request. the president has to use the bully pulpit, whoever the president is, to make this case to the american people and then the people have to put pressure on senators and members of the house to work with the president to use this ticking bomb. >> that's a pretty tall order. >> it can happen and we need political reforms, too. we need redistricting reform, integrated and open primaries, we need campaign finance reform, we need lobbying reform, we need term limits. >> the american public is unhappy with the way things are going but they have very solid ideas about what they would like to see done. you've been doing this for a long time. is it back to 2007? i want to say it was before the financial crisis hit. >> 2005 is when i, pardon me, 2003 is when i blew the whistle that washington was out of touch and out of control. 2005 is when i started going on the road. >> so what hav
in the united states down ten points, the cac a little bit stronger, and the ibex up 0.9%. we had comments from mario draghi, reaffirming really how this bump outright monetary transactions may take place. what was interesting was reiterating how you stop it effectively, that they would launch it for a couple of months and then if there was a review program that went in to see how they were doing, they would then stop it before potentially restarting again. it all sounds rather difficult in terms of the access. as we focus on angela merck until greece, the pictures you've been showing and you'll be going out there this morning this morning talking to mr. papa constantinos, i asked him the debts in greece do not stack up so surely we need larger debt forgiveness. this is what he had to say. >> clearly the numbers are not viable and clearly something would have to be done and this would be done by the official sector. >> by the official sector he means the likes of the institutions and especially the ecb. he thought one of the ways is 50 billion for the bank bailouts could be taken off the table
in the united states will have gone down. imports will be a lot less than they are today. they'll be cone secentrated in h america. but the big growth is chinand t and the other emerging markets. >> do you have any hope that renewable energy will become a real thing? >> i think it is a real thing in the way that -- in the quest and i have chapter tallcalled the rebirth of the renewalables. last year the renewable electric business was about a $167 million business. still small when you measure it against the overall energy industry and it has two big headwinds, one is the economic downturn. governments don't have the same money. and number two is the competition from natural gas at least in north america. >> so becky has a view, she's talked about it on the show, about natural gas exporting and what that -- >> i've been warned. >> i will admit, i don't know how strongly i feel about it, but i do have torn feelings when you start thinking aboutle natural gas, exportation, i realize it's a great thing and it would help boost some of the prices so that people who have been investing the mon
one business travel market overtaking the united states by 2014. mike mccormick explains. >> it's the amazing rate of y t growth in china. they will become the largest. >> forecast to grow nearly 15% in 2013. what is fueling china's travel boom? head over to up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. yes, it is. one is for a clean, wedomestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural
-elected four years later, will drive the discussion for the president of the united states. >> i differ a little bit with that. i do think there's the possibility that as a collective group, 536 independent contractors, that they don't have the collective wisdom to kick the can down the road at a minimum. i worry they could go off. i do agree that no matter who wins, this problem's still there. >> we have to leave it there. thank you for coming in. rising above and -- >> keep giving us updates on this because we're happy with your progress. >> the more you talk about it, the greater the chance we get something done. >> thank you for coming in. >>> stocks wiping out early gains yesterday. weak corporate guidance hit equities. we'll get an outlook for today. if you like me and love me, you will love chatting me up. make my day. ask me about my hair, dyed, fake, weave -- >> or your underwear. >> no, some ladies don't like that. >> we don't either. >> you don't either? >> send in a comment about that picture. >> what's wrong with it? it's manly. i'll be answering comment, questions and more
at that. that's not just political talking point. you're talking about the president of the united states spending millions of dollars and thousands of hours preparing these budgets that are so unserious when we're facing the financial problems we're facing, there's not a member of his own party willing to vote for it. the problem is, his only solution is increasing taxes on the productive sector. the proposals they put forward. for example, the buffett rule would raise $5 billion, that pays for 11 hours worth of spending. the more aggressive one the democrats put forward would raise about $67 billion to cover a $1.1 trillion -- you're taking a risk at harming economic growth, and that's what you need to concentrate on. you've got to grow your economy. >> it is weird, when i mention, they figure you've got to start somewhere. and i go, but you understand how they always say, no, you can't possibly raise taxes on $250,000 and below because it would hurt the economy. but they seem very comfortable that $250,000 and above. >> the investment decisions to make those capital expenditures. >> yo
. >> -- there is no question that the united states is the world leader. and so i think as we look ahead, there's plenty of stuff and we'll come back to it in a minute that we've got to work through. but if we can keep doing the kind of thing -- look, it was government that brought you the lewis and clark expedition in the west. it was government that brought you the transcontinental railroad, the internet had its roots in a basic research program. if we don't do the crazy thing and slash it to the bone, if we recognize that we got to make -- we got to address the budget deficit and we will address the budget deficit, but we got to address the r&d deficit, we got to address the maintenance deficit and we got to address the education deficit. we address all those deficits, we have huge potential over the next 10 to 20 years. and growth is the best way to prepare for an aging society. it's the best way to impact on what's going to happen to budgets. and that's why i think this question of whether we have a balanced strategy or an anti-government strategy is so important going forward. >> but here's the on
to see what happens here in the united states with these numbers. do you have that news coming from the spanish finance minister. at this point, the ftse, france, german dax all indicated up by less than 1%. in asia overnight again, this is the last day that the chinese markets are closed for that one day holiday that lasted a week. right now the nikkei closed up by about 31 points. sensex down by close to 140 points. oil prices up by another $12.84. so back at $90.98. an awful lot of volatility. ten year note yielding 1.679%, that yield creeping slightly higher. the dollar if we take a look, you'll see it is up again the euro. it's up against the swiss franc, down against the yen, but the euro trading at 1.30. so first time i've seen above 1.30 in quite a while 37 gold price which is have been climbing ever higher, to this point just down slightly. $1791.60. >> william congry, died 1729, a play wright from england, wrote probably his most famous -- one of his most famous plays, the mourning bride. 1697. music has charmed to sooth a savage breast. the first line of the play. it is a
, but there is no solution to the fiscal problems the united states of america is facing without at least some contribution from increased revenues. the math doesn't work. so you have to have compromising for forward and that's what we need to see. >> under the current tax system, we had 18% and 19% revenue in 2006 and 2007 under the current tax structure. >> okay. what's the point? >> so you don't necessarily need to raise taxes to get back to that revenue level. reason we're at 15% is because of the recession. >> joe, there is no way to balance -- >> are you living in minnesota now and all this is seeping in to your -- >> what was that, will there is no way for to what? >> there is no way to close the gap purely with spending cuts. you have to address entitlements and you have to raise revenues. and that's what we need congress to do. the problem is that nobody's doing it. i've been going around the country talking about my book which by the way is about steward ship, which means manning up and taking responsibility for fixing today's problems for the sake of future generations. we haven't done that. >>
of their flights for the united states, all of those primarily based on the east coast. and this is what they're watching here at the operations center as we zoom in there. remember, delta's operations, they include hubs at jfk and laguardia. and then you've got shuttle, as well. and also you have the flight mrs. to d.c. and into philadelphia. the idea being let's bring all the aircraft out of there, not fly anymore. and we were here yesterday when they made the decision into why they had to bring down these flights. >> winds will be -- i'll get with adam after the call and we'll be right sizing the operation there based on the configuration and surface winds there. >> and that is the morning operations call. in fact they will be having another one here in about 45 minutes. delta again canceling 2100 flights when you go from yesterday all the way through at least tomorrow morning. and again most of those being into the new york and d.c. markets. 60,000 people exactly impacted, but when you look he at the ripple impact, you're looking at about 200,000 travelers impacted by the cancellations. a
for months. look i ran for president of the united states. i happen to believe when you run for president what you say to the american people matters. evidently mitt romney doesn't believe that. you can say anything. you can etch-a-sketch your way to the presidency. he came in last night with cliff notes foreign policy. he had sort of a wikipedia approach to name a few places, say the taliban are in pakistan, talk about mali and the al qaeda there but didn't have policy recipes that were different and didn't have policy recipes so he agrees with the president. i think it was a shocking display and i think that's why americans overwhelmingly said we have a commander in chief who understands how to get the job done and this is not the time to change. >> senator, there was one remark that the president made that has some people raising eyebrows today. he would not allow the sequester to happen, and the white house has tried to suggest that he was not making news but a lot of other people confused because it sounded like news. >> i think the president has made it clear that he wants to solve
, but that town is still under an evacuation order. at least 46 people have died in the united states and more than 6 million people up and down the eastern seaboard are in the dark as the wake of hurricane sandy has continued. damage estimates are already in the billions the first day after the storm revealed how disastrous sandy was. jay gray has the latest from new york city. >> reporter: daylight revealed a new jersey shore, riddled with debris and homes ripped from their foundation, the famed boardwalk splintered, and evidence of sandy's wild ride, this roller coaster tossed into the sea. >> the devastation at the jersey shore is unthinkable. >> along the coast, sandy left entire communities under water. >> the road just became a river. >> reporter: residents who rode out the storm. >> within 10 minutes, we had 4 feet of water in the basement. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: stranded until rescue teams could boat them to safety. but in breezy point, it wasn't the water, it was the wind that was a problem. firefighters battling flames pushed by hurricane winds across an entire neighborho
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22